Multi-Skilled Team Managers

Tina Veivers

Tina Veivers

Director and Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist

Tina is the director of the firm and a lawyer who has 20 years of experience running and managing compensation claims for Plaintiffs.

Tina is a passionate advocate of making sure that her clients are supported throughout the litigation process and their compensation claim.

In the early part of Tina’s career, she represented defendant insurance companies and so knows the ‘tricks of the trade’ in relation to how defendant insurance companies operate.

Tina is a mother of 2 children, ages 8 and 11 years old and understands the impact that a road or work incident can have on the family unit.

In contrast to the industry standard of larger compensation firms, Tina is a strong believer in ensuring that plaintiffs receive the vast majority of any settlement payout they do receive and will often reduce fees to ensure this occurs.

Tina is a skilled advocate having obtained her Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialisation in compensation law in 2013. While Tina has a high level of technical knowledge, her down to earth approach ensures that clients are not confused with legal jargon and the legal process.

In her spare time, Tina enjoys going to the beach and enjoying time with her family.

Carol Moran

Carole Moran

Senior Legal Consultant

Carole is a senior legal consultant with over 20 years of experience assisting plaintiffs through their compensation claims.

Carole has a high level of technical skills and knowledge, however is also known for her kind heartedness and making plaintiffs feel supported throughout their compensation claims.

Carole is a qualified Commissioner for Declarations.

Carole has a down to earth approach with clients and can explain legal concepts in a matter of fact and easy to understand way. Carole is often complemented by clients on her friendly and professional manner.

In her spare time, Carole loves going to the theatre to watch the latest production.

Carol Moran
Julian Scott

Julian Scott

Client Care Manager

Julian is a Client Care Manager with the firm and has a long history in dealing with clients and ensuring their needs are taken care of in her prior role as store manager for EB Games.

Julian has spent her career learning about the importance of the customer experience and is translating that focus to ensure that clients are taken care of during the compensation process at the firm.

Julian spends her spare time going on bushwalks and going to the beach during the warmer months. Julian also enjoys reading books and watching horror movies.

Maria Esguerra

Maria Esguerra

Senior Psychologist

Maria is a registered psychologist and runs the business Assessable from the offices of the firm.
Maria has extensive training and credentials in psychology, behaviour support and specialises in psychiatric disabilities. She is on the National Panel of Assessors for Disability Employment Services and is a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists.

Maria creates care plans for her clients so that they can receive funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and assists her clients to access the best possible services and support to ensure their wellbeing.

It is often the case that individuals going through a compensation claim, develop secondary psychiatric issues and develop depression and anxiety. The firm consults with Maria to ensure that its compensation clients are receiving the best possible care and treatment and seeks guidance from Maria in this regard.

In her spare time, Maria loves to spend time with her family and two adult children.

Maria Esguerra