Dive into our analysis of the study to see if your job is high-risk, what the most common injuries are, and why getting legal help might be crucial, even for seemingly minor injuries.
Today, we’re exploring the long-term impacts of work-related injuries, a topic of vital importance that affects not only the injured workers but also their families and employers.
Many injured workers avoid filing workers’ compensation claims due to the stigma associated with being on ‘workers compo.’
A pre-existing injury or condition is a health issue that existed before your recent workplace injury. This includes anything from previous injuries to chronic illnesses.
In Queensland, WorkCover provides crucial financial support to employees who have been injured on the job, ensuring they continue to receive an income as they recover.
In this article, we’ll discuss these options, and provide guidance on what each type of claim entails, the benefits and limitations of both, and crucial considerations for Queensland workers embarking on this legal pathway.