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If you’ve been injured at work, on a break at work or while travelling
to or from work, you may be eligible to receive monetary
compensation and damages from WorkCover Queensland.

If you’ve been injured at work, on a break at work or while travelling to or from work, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation and damages from WorkCover Queensland.

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Navigating the workers’ compensation claim process can be complex, and it’s not always easy to understand your options and your rights.

That’s where we come in – at South East Injury Lawyers, we specialise in helping people receive the compensation they deserve. A workplace injury can be debilitating and stressful, which is why we provide comprehensive legal support and guidance through your entire claims process.

Our workers compensation lawyers in Queensland are committed to advocating for your rights and we provide our services on a no-win no fee basis with the aim of obtaining the maximum compensation possible for each of our clients.

Whether you’ve suffered from a workplace accident or any other work-related injury, our expert workers compensation lawyers are here to protect your rights and fight for your best interests.

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What are your
WorkCover Entitlements?

Work-related injuries and accidents can be serious, costly and can have a long-term or even permanent impact on you and your family.

While every injured workers’ pay out will be dependent on their situation and different, you may be entitled to receive compensation to help you cover:

If unsafe work practices or negligence caused your injury, you could also be entitled to substantial additional compensation and damages including for pain and suffering, future medical expenses and future economic loss. This is called a common law damages claim.

Factors that could influence your compensation and damages entitlements include:

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Why work with a Workplace Injury Lawyer?

Workers Compensation Law is difficult to navigate, especially when you’re already involved in a stressful situation. Working with an experienced Workplace Injury Lawyer has a range of benefits, including:


Dealing with employers and insurance companies when you’re injured is not easy. An expert Workplace Injury Lawyer can help to make the process easier by ensuring you’re providing all information required for your claim, that you meet any time restrictions, and negotiate on your behalf.


Being able to make the right decision for you involves having all of the information. Workers Compensation Lawyers have extensive experience when it comes to worker’s compensation and can provide you with all of the relevant information, so you can make an informed decision.


It’s common for people to underestimate what they are entitled to when it comes to workplace compensation claims – don’t let that happen to you. Our Senior WorkCover Injury Lawyers will fight for you so that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Work-related injuries covered by Workcover

Injuries sustained at work can be physical and/or psychological. A number of different injuries can be covered by WorkCover and workers’ compensation self insurers in Queensland. Some of these injuries include:


Back and neck injuries


Sprains and fractures


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder




Soft tissue injuries


Crush injuries


Carpal tunnel syndrome


Head injuries


Shoulder injuries including frozen shoulder, bursitis and tears


Knee and ankle injuries




Hip injuries



These are only some of the injuries you could be affected by at work. Talk to us today to see if you’re eligible for Workers Compensation benefits or a damages claim.

Unlock Your Rights:
Download Our Workers' Compensation Guide

Suffering a serious incident at work can be a difficult experience and overwhelming to navigate.  To ensure you understand everything you need to know about making a claim for workers’ compensation in Queensland and your rights, download our free workers’ compensation rights guide.


In our workers’ compensation guide, you will find:


Queensland’s workers’ compensation system has been developed to ensure that regardless of who is at fault, it’s possible to be compensated.


Making a claim for WorkCover in Queensland can be a lengthy process. We’ve provided an overview of what you can expect throughout the claims process.


As leading compensation lawyers in Queensland, we know how to make the WorkCover claims process as efficient and effective as possible.


If you suffer a work injury, you should let your employer know straight away and complete an incident report as soon as possible after the work related injury is sustained. You should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible and report your work related injury to WorkCover Queensland.

You should immediately notify your employer about your work accident and injury and complete an incident report. However, it’s important to note that your safety and the safety of those are paramount. Once you’re out of danger, you should notify your employer and complete the incident report.

Most businesses in Queensland who hire employees will be insured through WorkCover Queensland for any injury sustained to the employee during the course of their employ. WorkCover Queensland will manage a workers claim in relation to medical and rehabilitation treatment.

If you are an employee (either full time, part-time or casual) and have been injured at work, travelling to or from work, or during a break at work you very likely will be entitled to make a workers compensation claim, usually through WorkCover Queensland. However, there are a small number of employers who do have self-insurance for workplace compensation claims.

A workers compensation claim provides monetary assistance to injured persons for medical treatment, lost wages, rehabilitation and medication, hospital and travel expenses.

In addition, if you have been injured due to unsafe work practices or the negligence of your employer or a co-worker, you may be entitled to additional sums for pain and suffering, future economic loss, care and assistance and future medical expenses by way of a common law damages claim.

A common law damages is claim is a claim against your employer for negligence or unsafe work practices, or the negligence of a co worker. Employers usually have insurance through WorkCover Queensland for common law damages claims and hence it is WorkCover and not the employer who will pay damages. Given that substantial damages can be recovered in a common law damages claim, is it essential that you seek expert advice from a senior personal injury lawyer in relation to such a claim.

An Application for Compensation usually needs to be completed to commence a compensation claim for a workplace injury through WorkCover or a self-insurer. This form is located on the website of WorkCover Queensland. This form can then be faxed, emailed or posted to WorkCover. An Application for Compensation should be accompanied by a worker’s compensation medical certificate completed by a GP or specialist. To learn more about the process of lodging a workers’ compensation claim, read our guide here.

A common law damages claim should be made with legal representation given the complexity of these claims.

Strict time limits apply in making workers compensation claims and damages claims and hence we recommend you seek legal assistance.

If you receive a lump sum offer from WorkCover or a self-insurer, it is important that you seek legal advice. If you accept this lump sum offer you are likely to lose your right to make a common law damages claim.

You can claim for any physical or psychological injury sustained during the course of your employment activities. Such injuries include:

  • Back and neck injuries;
  • Sprains and fractures;
  • Crush injuries;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Post traumatic stress disorder;
  • Depression;
  • Whiplash Injuries;
  • Head injuries;
  • Shoulder injuries;
  • Hip injuries;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Ankle knee and foot injuries;
  • Spinal injuries;
  • Chemical injuries;
  • Diseases Contracted in the workplace;
  • Burns and lacerations;
  • Catastrophic injuries;
  • Traumatic Brain Injury;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Repetitive strain injury;
  • Electrocution injuries;
  • Neurological injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Hernia injuries;
  • Amputations;
  • Crush Injuries;
  • Scarring;
  • Psychiatric and psychological injuries including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, anxiety, traffic phobia and pain disorder;
  • Nervous shock;
  • Complex regional pain syndrome;
  • Chronic pain disorder.

It is often the case that although a worker considers themselves to be working for an employer as a contractor, they are in fact in an employee / employer relationship.

This is a complex area, and we recommend you get legal advice to find out your rights.

If you have been injured due to unsafe work practices, you will still likely have a personal injury damages claim irrespective of whether you are an employee or subcontractor.

In a labour hire arrangement, you will not lose your ability to bring a personal injury damages claim, and your claim will often be against the host employer and the labour hire company.

Each injured workers damages pay out will be different and will be dependent on such factors including:

  • The worker’s personal situation and losses sustained;
  • Whether the worker has been able to go back to work and to what extent;
  • What the medical evidence says in relation to the worker’s capacity for work, treatment required and care requirements;
  • The level of permanent impairment attributed to the workplace injury.
  • However, your personal injury claim will be maximised by retaining an expert lawyer who will get the evidence necessary to maximise your claim.
Workers compensation is available across a wide range of industries in Queensland. Your eligibility for workers compensation is usually related to the type of industry you experienced and how the injury was caused.
Below are some of the industries where you could be eligible for workers compensation if you experience an injury at work:
Please keep in mind that these are only some of the different types of industries and is not an exhaustive list.

We act strictly on a no win, no fee guarantee basis. This means that if you do not receive compensation for your accident claim, we will not be charging any legal fees or outlays and hence you will not be at a loss. Whether you have had an accident at work, you’ve been involved in a car accident or you have some other type of compensation claim, we can assess claim and if we believe that there is a viable chance that we can achieve a successful result in your claim, we will take on your case. Unlike other compensation law firms who run motor vehicle accident claims, work accident claims or other compensation claims we will also not require recovery of outlays that have been paid by the firm in the event your compensation claim is not successful. Hence, our no win, no fee guarantee.

Our no win, no fee guarantee means that you will never be required to pay our legal fees or outlays if your claim is not successful. Hence, there is no risk to you in this regard. This means we only take on workplace injury claims we consider to be viable after a free initial, no obligation and confidential consultation.

The length of your workers compensation claim will depend on such factors including when your injury has reached maximum medical improvement, obtained medico-legal evidence and investigating liability. Each work injury compensation claim will vary and can range typically from 6 to 18 months on average.

We regularly overturn unfavourable decisions made by WorkCover in relation to a work injury. If your worker’s compensation claim has been denied, please contact us to discuss further as strict time frames apply in making appeals to the Workers Compensation Regulator.

The Workers Compensation Regulator is a body set up by the government who can review decisions made by WorkCover Queensland or a self-insurer and either affirm or overturn these decisions.

Strict time limits apply in making workplace compensation claims and damages claims and hence we recommend that you seek legal advice in relation to this issue given the complexity of these time frames.

While receiving WorkCover weekly benefits and workers compensation, it is imperative that you advise WorkCover or a self-insurer of any employment you undertake. There are serious implications for failing to disclose this information. We recommend you contact an expert injury lawyer to discuss further.

The Medical Assessment Tribunal is a body set up to assess and determine the nature and extent of a workplace injury, including whether an injury is work related or whether it is stable and stationary i.e., the injury has reached maximum medical improvement. The Medical Assessment Tribunal is a panel of 3 doctors and will vary depending on what your workplace injury is. As the decision of the MAT is usually final, then we highly recommend you seek expert legal advice if you are being sent by WorkCover or a self-insurer to the MAT.

Most employees who have been injured at work and have an accepted WorkCover claim have legal protection against employers taking adverse action against them including termination of employment. This is a complicated area of law and to seek further advice contact our expert injury lawyers.

In most situations, it is actually unlawful for an employer to terminate the services of an injured worker who is in receipt of workers compensation benefits. However, this is a complicated area of law, and we recommend that you speak to one of our expert injury lawyers to discuss further.

Unfortunately, it is the situation that while there are some fantastic and proactive claims officers working at Workcover Queensland, there are also equally claims officers whose performance is less than average. In these situations, it is imperative to engage an expert injury lawyer to liaise with the relevant claims officer from WorkCover Queensland.

At Southeast Injury Lawyers, we also manage claims where individuals have been injured as a result of a car or motor vehicle accident, injuries in public places and also TPD claims.

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