Work-Related Injury Rates in Australia: What Do the Stats Say?

Ever thrown your back out lifting boxes, or tripped on a stray cable at the office? If so, you’re probably one the 497,300 Australian workers who got injured or sick due to work in 2021-2022. In the latest statistics on work-related injuries in Australia by the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  3.5% of the Australian labour […]

Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer: What are the Long-Term Impacts of Work-Related Injuries?

Welcome back to “Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer,” where we dive into the pressing issues faced by injured workers and provide expert guidance on navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation and personal injury laws in Queensland. Today, we’re exploring the long-term impacts of work-related injuries, a topic of vital importance that affects not only the […]

Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer: Why Do Some Workers Avoid Pursuing Workers’ Compensation?

Welcome back to “Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer”, where we answer questions relating to workers’ compensation and personal injury law in Queensland. Today, we explore a critical yet often overlooked issue: why do some workers hesitate to file workers’ compensation claims despite sustaining injuries or illnesses at work? Understanding these reasons is essential for dismantling […]

Can I Change Jobs While on Workers Compensation in Queensland?

In Queensland, WorkCover provides crucial financial support to employees who have been injured on the job, ensuring they continue to receive an income as they recover. While the goal for many is to heal and return to their previous role, complications in the recovery process or challenges in the compensation journey can lead some to […]

Workers’ Compensation: WorkCover Claims vs Common Law Claims

In Queensland, navigating the path to recovery after a work-related injury involves understanding the protections and compensations available under the law. Central to this journey is comprehending the differences between a WorkCover claim and a common law claim. These two avenues offer distinct options for workers seeking recompense for injuries sustained in the workplace. In […]